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Medical massage

The techniques of the medical masseur include: manual lymphatic drainage & physical treatment of oedemas, classical massage, connective tissue massage, reflexology, electrotherapy, hydro-thermotherapy. Prevention, therapy, rehabilitation.

Classical massage

Classic massage is a technique based on gestures such as touching, greasing, pressure, stretching, friction, which have direct effects on the soft tissues of the body.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Classic manual lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Vodder's original method.


Reflexotherapy is a very effective method that acts on the whole body through the reflex zones of the hands and feet.

Amma seated massage

The seated massage brings a general relief, a bodily relaxation and a dynamisation of the person who receives it in a minimum of time.

Connective tissue massage

The connective tissue massage is a reflexotherapy that balances organic dysfunctions with specific features on the skin.

Psycho-corporal therapy

Psycho-corporal therapy by massage with psychological monitoring in collaboration with Raphaële Beck, Psychotherapist-FSP.


As a massage therapist accredited by the ASCA and RME quality labels, conventional massage, lymphatic drainage and reflexology are reimbursed by most complementary health insurance companies.

Sportive Massage

Sports massage, preparation or recovery.



Because he knows accommodate tactfully, laughing gently, touching sensitively, José Rüegger offers a bond of trust, where to live and where it is possible to be, simply.

Lucie-Mathilde, Student

José has a great ability to listen and adapt that I especially appreciate. It is also very attentive which made me feel safe. Since I go to Jose several chronic problems I had have improved significantly, which was not a foregone conclusion, given the many techniques I had already tried before. I appreciate his willingness to constantly acquire new knowledge, I think it makes him an excellent therapist.


I started massage therapy with José Rüegger there is approximately 1 year. My calf ached before I succeed in understanding the problem and neither medicine nor does chiropractic managed to relieve me. We started with classical massage that made me the greatest good, the calf but also other "blocked" areas of my body that I would not have suspected. After a few sessions, José Rüegger suggested I try lymphatic drainage, which seemed to bring the solution to my problem ... Well, I saw the difference! In a few sessions my calf pain eased and she completely disappeared. I thank him wholeheartedly and I can only advise his treatments and knowledges.

Nathalie, Transportation engineer

The welcome is warm, the tea offered after the massage is perfect. I am given to me by José Rüegger for several sessions of lymphatic drainage. I found this extremely gentle technique but incredibly effective. The words that come up are: relaxation, lightness and well-being. As for José Rüegger professionalism, gentleness and listening. It should be reimbursed by all the basic public health insurance ... would have everything to gain ... stress dissolves in his hands!

Ariane, Actress

There are several months I had vivid sacroiliac back pain on the left side of the body. I felt pain in the hip too. I had difficulty in getting up from the chair, bending up and climbing stairs. After a therapeutic massage at José Rüegger, I already felt much better. After 3 sessions I was cured. I have no bad but I am so convinced of the fact of her massages I continues to make prevention massages regularly.

Eléanore, Midwife

José Rüegger reads the body with his hands like a blind read Braille. His letters must be temperature fluctuations, pains, tensions, waves (!) ... It offers a different balance to the body, comfort, he gum problems, pain, fix it. Having practiced a significant number of physiotherapists, chiropractors, étiopathes of allopathic and also during the last 35 years because of recurring back pain, I think being able to recommend it to his faculties, that gift and that appropriate actions it has undeniably well assimilated and that dispenses with humility, kindness and attention.

Gérard, CEO

Dear Sir Rüegger, Thank you for your warm welcome, your sympathy and your work as a therapist whose results have given me any satisfaction. I will certainly recommend your services. Best wishes and best regards continuation.

Anne-Florence, Singer

I can only recommend Jose. The reflexology sessions conducted with professionalism were moments of relaxation and sharing.


Mr. Rüegger is super nice and very professional. He adapts to everyone's needs and is a pure moment of relaxation for the body and mind! I highly recommend him and I am always looking forward to returning to get massage.


It is with great pleasure that I write this simple email to thank you sincerely for the care lavished during the seated massages ... Each time I have the chance to pass under your expert hands, I feel lighter and especially more relaxed. I wish you could continue to provide us with these beneficial massages for a long time.


Seated massages at the top! José is very professional and very attentive. I can only recommend him! Thank you for your work, the results of which are very satisfying!


Ideal for a moment of relaxation in the middle or at the end of a working day; the tensions do not stand up to Mr. Rüegger's professionalism.

In a blink of an eye

Massages, a precious gap to take care of yourself.

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Medical massage therapist with federal diploma

Membre de la VDMS

As a medical masseur with a federal certificate, I am a member of

the Swiss association of medical masseurs (ASMM)

Amma seated massage


As a professionnal pratitionner of seated massage, I am a member of

Seated Massage French Federation

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José Rüegger

Medical massage therapist with Federal Diploma

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